You write with flowers, Source of Life

with songs you colour,

with songs you trace,

those who shall live on this earth…

Latest albums

In Xochitl In Cuitatl (2020)

Tlalli (2022)

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Soothe your soul with music

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I am a fountain of luminous water, sacred,

sacred of powerful water…


About Xiuh…

Xiuh is a Mexican music duo that blends vocals, harps, woodwinds, downtempo beats, and Aztec drumming to create a harmonious vibe through inspiring music. Their lyrical content delves into deep spiritual the ground, music with brightness and depth. Living the Mexika traditions and philosophy, they navigate their artistic journey with gratitude and self-awareness, infusing their music and lives with a sense of oneness with Mother Earth.

La llama de fuego vive en mí, la llama que cura, la llama que quema la ilusión, la llama que cura